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The Healing Spectrum Created in Calgary with Physiotherapy Services and Shockwave Therapy. What Is Better for You?

The Healing Spectrum Created in Calgary with Physiotherapy Services and Shockwave Therapy. What Is Better for You?

Physiotherapy and shockwave treatment both play significant roles in musculoskeletal care, although they differ in their techniques and uses. Physiotherapy services in Calgary provide a larger variety of treatments, like manual methods and exercise regimens, whereas shockwave therapy is a specialized approach focusing on certain types of tissue repair and pain relief.

Shockwave treatment and physiotherapy are two unique therapeutic techniques that are frequently utilized in the realm of rehabilitation and musculoskeletal care. This blog explains the key differences between physiotherapy and shockwave therapy.

Physiotherapy Services VS. Shockwave Therapy 

Let’s delve deep into understanding both therapies.

Nature of Treatment

Physiotherapy – is a comprehensive term comprising several physical treatments and exercises aimed at restoring and maintaining physical function. Manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, stretching, and other modalities are used in physiotherapy to enhance mobility, strength, and function.

Shockwave Therapy – is a particular kind of treatment that uses acoustic waves to treat various musculoskeletal disorders. Shockwave therapy in Calgary is well-known for its use in the treatment of tendinopathies, calcific shoulder discomfort, and plantar fasciitis.

Treatment Techniques

Physiotherapy – Physiotherapists use a variety of hands-on treatments such as joint mobilization, massage, and stretching. Physiotherapists often recommend exercises and rehabilitative activities that are suited to the individual’s condition and aspirations.

Shockwave Therapy – This treatment uses high-energy acoustic waves to encourage healing and relieve pain in specific regions. This therapy is frequently non-invasive and focused on tissue regeneration.

Treatment for the following conditions

Physiotherapy – Treats a variety of ailments, including but not limited to musculoskeletal injuries, neurological disorders, cardiovascular conditions, respiratory troubles, and others. Physiotherapy is extremely adaptable and may be used with a wide range of patient demographics.

Shockwave Therapy – is mostly used to treat musculoskeletal disorders including chronic tendonitis, calcific shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, and other tendons and soft tissue diseases.


Physiotherapy – is a customized method in which therapies are adapted to an individual’s health, requirements, and goals. Physiotherapy services in Calgary can be used in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home care.

Shockwave Therapy – is a treatment method that uses specialized equipment to deliver acoustic waves to the affected area. It is usually done by qualified healthcare experts in a clinical environment.

Duration and Frequency

Physiotherapy – Treatment length and frequency vary depending on the nature and severity of the disease and on a case-to-case basis. Physiotherapy treatment may require numerous sessions over time.

Shockwave Therapy – Treatment sessions are usually shorter, and the frequency varies based on the problem being treated. A series of treatment sessions may be advised.

Final Note

It is crucial to remember that these therapies are not mutually exclusive, and in certain situations, they might complement one another. The decision between physiotherapy services and shockwave therapy in Calgary is determined by the individual’s condition, treatment objectives, and healthcare providers’ advice. To establish the best treatment strategy for your unique case, always speak with a licensed healthcare expert, at Highland Park Physiotherapy Clinic in Calgary.

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